Thursday, August 30, 2007

Escape from Vista - A new beginning

yesterday i bought the v3425 AU compaq presario notebook which comes with an embedded vista for home installation. The laptop is an AMD Athlon x2, nvidia motherboard enhanced to 1.5GB RAM 160 GB hdd specification

Bought the machine home and tried using it, Vista has been a pleasant improvement on the graphics but is such a revolutionary change on user interface and what we have been used to that i need to be reborn unlearn un do all my lives pet learnings and livings. so i decided that it was time to escape from vista.

I had the requisite license for windows xp pro and went ahead installing the os.

The 1st precaution being, not to tamper with the default restore backup of vista home image provided by compaq on the d drive.

After installation i realised that a lot of the drivers need to be in place some digging in google and i reached a site where some cursory drivers were listed. these were promptly added into the system.

The yellow questions marks were unabated in device manager, clearly sounding that this wasnt done yet. my audio and netowkr controller were still not working and that was an indication.

some search and digging later i realised that my chipset motherboard is from nvidia! something called mcp51. Any amount of search on the nvidia did not result in anything positive or anything close to a chipset of this specification. some other sites provided a clue that this meant nvidia nforce 600 series for AMD.

I had lost patience by now and it was lunch time in seattle [basically 3 AM in bangalore] and i hit bed. before signing off i sent a email request to HP support on my condition and travails.

Next day was more straight forward studd. i phoned hp support and after a few long IVR based calls i got the link for the drivers download which very smartly was provided as a tinyurl link.

i present the url
for all sufferers of Compaq + vista combo and want to escape from vista.

Most drivers required were found at this link and now as i type my notebook is functionally ready, but as usual there are still a few yellow q-marks in my device manager and that will demand a different exercise.




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can u play avi files on your laptop smoothly.
please reply to this as i am facing some problems after doing all these steps with my v3425 .
u can also contact me at

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