Friday, May 16, 2008

Twenty Twenty is for FORTY FORTY!

there has been a lot of comment that t20 is a format for young people and not for the old, a lot of the criticism recently being piled on Royal Challengers fortune being linked to old guys in form of chanderpaul, Kallis Dravid and co...

I beg to differ, actually my hypothesis is that t20 is for older people who have the right mindset for the game, therefore the key is mindset and not age, in contrast for age, actually test and oneday is more for youngsters.

here goes the argument

1. in IPL T20 a lot of crickers performing at the top end of the spectrum like warne mc grath jaya suriya, ganguly in flashes, gilly, zaheer khan, sehwag, shoaib, hussey, and tendulkar in the future [ hasnt showed his class yet!] are all no diaper babies in cricket most of them well past 30 , are uncles, and some reaching grandpa status of 40! like jayasuriya . in his 42 ball 100 i dint see a glint of his age? nor do we in mcgraths

2. Actually if we see the trend with money flowing in a lot of the old guys are happily giving up their international cricket for t20 in ICL also there a lot of these old foggies who are trading their wares @ world class levels.

3. the reason is simple we need to look at ourselves and get some ansers, i am 33 below fitness cricket freak in a corpor environment, can i play 20-20 game, 50-50 1 day or a 5 day test? well at the business end of a 5 day test will the be the end of business a certain vishwanath! we all prefer t20. Corpo cricket for a long time has been t20, think about it 4 overs to bowl a few fields ops in the out boundary and a couple of swings is what makes a T20 evening out. Even the bowling does not need brash energy like ishant, rather some guile and keeping the batsmen guessing works better, so if you bowl ud rather jog down observe the batsmen and keep him guessing than run in like a bull on rampage! look @ balaji his innocuous bowling has been decently effective so has warne too!

4. in contrasts 10 overs or 100 overs in steaming sun or even further bowling ~ 60 overs across 5 days or btting to a 300 the runs in 1s and 2s is harassment is human rights violations, once one is above 30+

5. So what makes it into t20, hit the ball attitude, good reflex [ this is one thing against the uncles!] guileful bowling and enjoying the game is all that is required

so long live the old uncles , i think Jayasuriya can play IPL for 6 more years and entertain crowds like never before, because guys like him have the talent, proven it and can now extend their careers by another 4-5 years easily unlike the past where they would have had to retire when 35 -37 max.

I end with the argument that royal challengers royal challenge is to get up forget the classic style legacy cricket aka dravid and kallis [ i admire this guy even recently in a paki series he made a few centuries tests albeit!] and just go for some unrestrained hitting and some fun..



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